Without a Doubt, This is THE BIGGEST Buying Opportunity of 2023

Durante’s 22nd Annual Customer Appreciation Sale Going NOW! For November & December Only, You Can Access our Lowest Pricing of the Entire Year for Your Next Home Project. If You Need Home Improvement, and You’re Looking For an Amazing Deal, This is THE Buying Opportunity of 2023. Trust Us-You Don’t Want to Sit  This One Out.

Dear Customer and Friend,

I have no idea how you got to this website.

Maybe you read about it in a colossal size postcard you got in the mail. Maybe you received a special invitation in the mail. Maybe a friend or family member told you about it. Perhaps you stumbled onto it by pure luck.

But, however you got here, you have arrived at what is, without question, the BIGGEST and most VALUABLE sale of the entire year. This is, without a doubt, the best opportunity.

Here’s why.

Every November and December we offer extremely large discounts to our existing customers as well as to their immediate friends and family for any other products they might need. So, if you’re reading these words and you’re a Durante customer (or a friend or family member of one) then you have a very special, once-a-year opportunity to save humongous amounts of money on our products.

This means, if you happen to need to replace any windows that you didn’t buy the first go around, or have some other projects you’ve been thinking about accomplishing, then you will receive the lowest possible discounts that we will ever offer.


And when we say “lowest possible” that’s exactly what we mean. We don’t offer these discounts anywhere else. In fact, this entire promotion is INVITATION ONLY to our past customers and their immediately friends and family.  We are asking to please keep all pricing confidential- so please don’t say a peep to anyone.

Here’ the list of the products which are being marked down for you:

  • Custom Replacement Windows: up to 40% off – PLUS Payments as low as $98/month* (Financing based off 10 or more windows. w.a.c.)
  • Custom Entry Doors, Patio Doors, Sliding Glass Doors: up to 25% off – PLUS Financing options available
  • Vinyl Siding & Trim or James Hardie Siding & Trim: up to 25% off – PLUS Payments as low as $198/month* (Financing based off 2000 sq ft of siding. w.a.c.)
  • Screen Rooms, Porch Enclosures, & Pergolas: up to 20% off – PLUS Payments as low as $287/month* (Financing based off 200 sq ft sunroom. w.a.c.)
  • Bath Systems: up to $750 off – PLUS Payments as low as $99/month (w.a.c.)
  • ALL Composite Decks & Railing: up to 20% off! – PLUS Payments as low as $188/month (Financing based off 200 sq ft deck. w.a.c.)

Why do we do this sale each year? Plain and Simple- because it keeps us busy during the two slowest months of the year.  

As you likely know, November and December slower months for us. However we wanted to use this time to tell all our past customers about all the products we offer! These discounts are only available to our previous customers and your immediate friends and family.

When you book your appointment during November and December, you can expect to save up to 40% off Replacement Windows, up to 25% off – Entry Doors & Siding, up to 25% off screen rooms OR Save UP to 20% Off our Composite Decks – SAve $750 off a new easy step in bath or shower. This special bonus was so popular last year, we decided to offer it again this year, too!  

We get it.

November and December is not an ideal time of the year for a lot of people to update their home, but on the other hand, smart shoppers know to purchase during the slow season, when the discounts are the biggest.

When you think about it, if you need home improvement the timing really couldn’t be better. You’ll get an incredible deal on the home improvements you need, and we can keep our work crews busy through the cold winter months. That’s about as win-win as it could possible be.

Remember-These are the lowest prices we can offer, so take advantage of the huge savings, improve your home and help keep our work crews busy. Hurry! this sale ends December 31st 2023!

How to Participate + Next Steps You Need to Take:

Sale Ends 12/31! Please fill out the form below or call our office at 205.956.4110 | 256.851.0097 (AL) or 615.988.9869 | 423.622.1221 (TN) if you have any questions or would like to request a free estimate.

This is exactly what will happen:

When you call our office, a friendly person will answer the phone who can help you with any questions and set up a free quote. When you fill out the form below, our office will receive an email with your contact information and they will call you within 24 hours to answer any questions or to schedule a free in-home estimate.

Don’t Be Left Out! Fill Out the form below and request your free in-home estimate. Since we can’t offer these discounts forever, don’t procrastinate. All orders must be placed before December 31st to qualify for the special customer-only discounts. (evening and weekend appointments also available) 

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 Procrastinators beware. All discounts expire on Midnight December 31st. If you have any windows that still need to be replaced, or if you have other home improvements that you need to get done, don’t miss this window of opportunity to receive these special discounts. Just call our office or fill out the form below and a friendly person from our office will be glad to help you and schedule a free estimate.