Ways to Upgrade Your Composite Deck

Now that you have decided to build a composite deck, you want to keep it looking great all year round. Unlike wood, composite decking does not warp, rot, crack, chip or split. Your composite decking is not totally wood. In fact, it is constructed from a combination of materials such as polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene and wood particles. For this reason, your deck needs very little maintenance.

Eliminate Potential Problems

  • Inspect your deck for signs of wear and tear
  • Keep the surface clean of leaves and debris, allowing a clear view of the surface underneath
  • Make sure plants are not growing too close to the deck, since most plants attract insects
  • Remove debris from gaps by using a painter’s tool
  • Replace damaged boards immediately
  • Keep animals with uncut claws off the deck

As an extra precaution against water damage, scratches and gouges, you can coat your deck’s surface with a deck preservative. Easy-to-use paints, sealants and coating are available and simple to apply. Durante composite decks are resistant to most elements such as mildew and mold.


If you have composite railings, you have to provide them with the same care you give your composite deck. Composite decks and decking materials will last a lifetime if you take care of them properly. If your deck is in a sunny area, you might have problems with fading. You can remedy this problem quickly before it destroys the deck. Use a UV paint solution, or cover your deck with a patio or deck cover.

Clean, Clean and Clean Again

After the winter and at the end of each summer season, you will want to pressure wash your deck. Pressure washing removes pollen, insect stains, bird feces and other elements that are not quite visible. For boards that need to be replaced, Durante Exterior Supplies professionals will come out and replace damaged boards or reconstruct an entirely new deck.

Looking to add composite decking to your home? Click here to download our free Deck Shopping Guide. This guide is designed to educate and inform homeowners who are considering adding a composite deck to their home. Our guide will answer all your decking questions. Enjoy!