When to Replace Your Windows in Nashville, TN

It sounds like it should be easy enough to know when it is time to replace your windows, but the truth is that it may not always be that easy. Life gets going and other things get pushed to the background, especially things like replacement windows. Hey, if they keep the weather out, they are good to go. No second thoughts needed, right? Yes…and No. Sometimes windows may seem to be doing their job well, when in fact they may not be. Here are some signs it is time to consider window replacement options.

Ice or Frost Inside

Although single pane windows may seem to be effective enough at keeping the weather out, they are not energy efficient. Cold air can (and usually does) enter through them. Conversely, warm air around the windows can force the air-conditioner to work harder than necessary. Single pane glass windows also tend to allow frost to form on the inside of the windows, which can create breakage. Not to mention, the melting frost can ruin the wood around the windows and the flooring under the windows.

Too Much Noise

If you are hearing too much from the outside world inside your own private world, you may consider replacement windows. Chances are you have single-pane windows and need to have dual-pane windows or laminated-glass windows installed. Either one of these window types can make a huge difference in the decibel level you pick up from the outside.

Fading Furniture and Carpet

If you have been noticing signs of fading furniture, carpet, draperies or artwork, then you may want to consider changing your windows. Sure, this problem can be solved by simply blocking out the sunlight. But who wants to miss out on the natural light the sun provides? Besides, making use of the natural light of day means using less electricity. Many energy efficient windows are designed to keep out the ultraviolet light from the sun, which is believed to be the cause of the fading of certain materials.

Need a Change of Scenery

If a change of scenery is in order, sometimes all it takes to meet that desire are some replacement windows. Changing out old windows for a new design that allows for a wider view of the outside may be just what the doctor ordered, especially if the new view is spectacular enough. Or, even if it is not, sometimes a new view of the neighborhood or the backyard is enough to satisfy a need for change.

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