What Makes Composite Decking Better Than Wood?

A furnished deck area on a sunny day in the mountainsWhen it comes to outdoor living products, nothing has the power to transform your space into the oasis of your dreams quite like a new deck. However, not all decks are created equally—and choosing the right decking material for your wants and needs can make all the difference. Two of the most popular options are wood decking and composite decking, though there’s a clear standout winner between the two: composite decking. But why exactly is composite decking better than wood? There are a few clear reasons, starting with:

It’s More Durable

Made from a unique blend of natural wood fibers and plastic polymers, composite decking is remarkably durable and capable of withstanding the wiles of Mother Nature. While a wood deck is susceptible to damage from moisture and other conditions, composite decking will not warp, crack, rot, or expand. It also outperforms its wood counterpart in terms of resistance to problems like mold growth, mildew buildup, and even insect infestation.

It’s Easier to Maintain

A wood deck may look good at first, but keeping it that way will require intensive maintenance and upkeep—not to mention possible repairs down the line. Composite decking, on the other hand, is exceptionally easy to keep clean and doesn’t need to be stained or sanded. This makes composite decking a better investment over time, as you won’t have to worry about paying for additional upkeep services as time goes on.

It’s Attractive and Customizable

The warm appeal of a wood deck is hard to pass up, but composite decking offers this same aesthetic without any of the downsides that typically come with choosing wood. What’s more, composite decking’s resistance to the elements means long-lasting beauty and results that will remain like-new for years to come. When you work with a reliable home improvement company for your composite deck installation, you’ll also be able to customize your new deck so that it suits your lifestyle, aesthetic preferences, and intended use, creating an outdoor living space you’ll love to use at every opportunity.

The Composite Decking Company to Trust

Now that you’ve explored some of the reasons why composite decking is better than wood, it’s time to see the benefits for yourself! The key to ensuring you get the best results for your composite deck design and installation is by partnering with the right company, and there’s simply no better company to trust than Durante Home Exteriors™. Our commitment to providing our customers with outstanding service and the industry’s best products has earned us numerous accolades, including an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and a positive reputation throughout our community. Our deck builders have the skills, tools, and expertise to install your new composite deck with the utmost craftsmanship, and we even offer convenient financing options to make achieving your deck dreams easier.

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