Why Durante Home Windows Are Superior To Competitors’

If you are in the market for replacement windows, we advise you to take a close look at Durante in comparison to the competition. When you analyze our products, services, and reputation, you”ll quickly determine that we”re the best in the business. We have a wide range of window styles including double-hung, bow and bay, gliding, awning, casement, picture, and specialty options. We”re flexible and willing to work with the unique demands of each home and homeowner.

Part of what separates Durante from its competitors is the craftsmanship of our products. Our replacement windows are built with a homeowner”s budget and comfort in mind. We only install units that will keep cold gusts outside while preventing your indoor air from leaking out. This unparalleled energy efficiency is made possible with our special fusion-welded and foam-filled window frames and sashes, as well as our triple weather stripping. The result is a home that is comfortable to live in and cheap to heat and cool.

Durante understands that plenty of homeowners choose to install replacement windows for more than just a lower utility bill and a more pleasurable living environment. That”s why we offer a diverse group of window styles with numerous colors and finishes. We”ve got all different types of windows that will mesh with your home”s existing look. If you want unique V groove etching or a classic style that will boost your home”s exterior look, we”ve got the inventory that you”re looking for.

Once you pick out your new window style, you”ll be able to relax and take in a view of the outdoors with peace of mind and confidence. All of Durante”s replacement windows are constructed out of incredibly strong and durable PVC vinyl. This material won”t rust or warp like the inferior aluminum and wood windows sold by competitors.

We ask all prospective customers to ask our former customers for a review of our products and services. This really is the best way to prove that we”re superior to other window suppliers and installers. Our focus on sweating the small stuff ensures precise installations and customer happiness. This attention to detail is reflected in the reviews that our customers have posted on Angie”s List. Many customers point out how they appreciated the fact that Durante matched them with a Design Consultant who helped them pick out the perfect home windows. This is the type of personalized attention and care that only Durante provides.

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