It’s hard to believe. That a window with so much- expert Installation, more glass viewing, sleeker and thinner frames, superior energy performance, maintenance free design, ironclad warranties- can be yours at such a great value.

But it’s true. At Durante, we understand quality and value when it comes to your most valuable asset—your home. Therefore, we offer the most professionally installed, technologically advanced windows that are made to improve the look and energy performance of your home with a maintenance free design. With Durante Home Exteriors, we know that you’ll recognize the true value of replacing your windows, especially when you consider five key differences why our windows are a) better for you than any other brand and b) different than any other brand.

  1. Superior Installation by factory trained installers.

    Many companies can claim to offer a great window but very few can rival the professional installation of our experienced factory trained installers. At Durante, professional installation will come standard. Our installers are clean, courteous, professional. Best of the best. At Durante our installers are supplied with the best tools and the best training so you always get a professional installation. At Durante, we will never send a Neanderthal-looking person out to do work on your home.

  2. Superior Energy Efficiency for lower heating & cooling costs.

    Our windows are not wimpy. They have been tested, qualified, and certified by two of the industry’s most cited and consumer-focused laboratory programs for energy efficiency and air infiltration ratings:

    • ENERGY STAR, a United States Government supported program dedicated to helping consumers protect the environment through investment in the most energy efficient products on the market.
    • The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), whose Energy Performance Label provides five separate test ratings in order to help consumers compare the performance characteristics of different brands of windows and doors. This label comes with every window we offer.
  3. Airtight Construction for better comfort & energy savings

    Designed to perform, Durante Home Exteriors have some of the industry’s lowest air infiltration rates. Our triple weather strip barrier provides 50% more weather-stripping than other window brands and more protection against harsh winter weather, which means you save money to heat your home. Air infiltration causes cold drafts and temperature differences within a room, which frequently causes the thermostat to be set higher or lower, so that the average temperature is at the desired level. Heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer can be a major concern. In fact, high air infiltration created through fourteen leaky 28-inch by 48-inch windows throughout a home may be equivalent to having an opening this size in your wall without a window.

  4. Finely crafted detail & design for a beautiful view.

    As in every aspect of the windows we offer, Durante Home Exteriors pays attention to all the details that create a beautifully crafted product. From frame and sash, to hardware and finish, we’ve listened carefully to our customers’ desires and expectations. They’re caring in what makes up the fine points of their lifestyles, and we’re equally as caring in providing the windows that meet their lifestyle wants and needs. After all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

  5. Ironclad No Non-Sense Warranties.

    If you want Milquetoast warranties that make you jump through hoops, don’t call us. Our Warranties are Ironclad. To the max. We mean it. At Durante, if for any reason you have a problem with anything we will make it right. If a lawn mower slings a rock and cracks your window, we’ll even fix that.  And if that neighbor kid you don’t like throws a rock and breaks your window- we still fix that too ( not the neighbor kid, just the window).

If you would like a free in-home quote, or if you have any additional questions we can help with or if you would just like more information on our windows or other products, please just give us a call at 205.956.4110 or just click to Contact Us Here.