Window Savings Calculator

Many homeowners replace their windows in order to save money heating & cooling their homes, but not all brands of windows perform the same. Because of our low air infiltration test results and our ENERGY STAR®approval from the U.S. Department of Energy, Sunrise Windows will perform better for you than a typical vinyl window. Sunrise Windows feature a unique triple weatherstrip design, 50% more weatherstrip than typical vinyl windows with only two seals. Use this form to help determine how many dollars you can save heating and cooling your home.

Choose your average monthly energy costs from the drop-down menu and click the “Calculate Savings” button. Your 35% Estimated Energy Savings over 10 years will appear to the far right.

Avg. Monthly Energy Costs:



(Estimated over 10 years)

Of course, the energy savings you can realize by installing Sunrise Windows with Ultra-U+Plus Glass will depend on the city where you live, the performance of your existing windows, and the construction style of your home. Savings of 45% can by realized in some situations, but a 25% – 35% savings is more common. The Savings figure calculated above is reached by multiplying the average monthly energy costs amount you chose by 12 to reach the first year’s total costs. Since it is estimated that energy costs will increase 5% per year, 5% of the first year’s costs is added to achieve the second year’s costs, then 5% of the second year’s costs is added to the second year to reach the third year’s costs, and so on to get the total energy costs for 10 years. Then 35% of that total is what appears as your Estimated Energy Savings over 10 years.

For a complete chart that breaks down each year’s costs and also to access an Energy Savings Guide Worksheet that will allow you to compare Sunrise with another vinyl brand of your choosing, just click here.