You may be ready for Winter, but is your home?

You may be ready for winter, but is your home?

There’s a chill in the air. We all know that winter is quickly approaching, and that means your power bills are about to sky rocket.

Or are they?

I left this question open, because YOU have a say in this. There are so many great ways to get your home 4-season ready, and one of the most dramatic ways is with new replacement windows.

The department of energy has released a study to show homeowners exactly how much energy they could be losing. They have determined that if you have a 1/16” gap between the sash and the frame of all your windows, if you add up all the gaps it is like having a brick sized hole in your wall! Not many of us would be comfortable with someone knocking a whole the size of a brick in our home, but when it is divided up in to such miniscule amounts, we never give it a second thought!

There is good news.

Energy-Saving replacement windows, like the ones from Durante Home Exteriors, will dramatically help you slash your energy waste and help your home stay warmer longer in the cold months ahead, which saves you energy dollars. Durante Home Exteriors windows are not just your run of the mill windows; they are top-of-the line in Low-E Ratings, functionality, and durability. They even have a life time warranty!  Durante Windows offer:

  • Up to 27% MORE glass viewing area than most window brands.
  • Foam Enhanced frames for even more energy saving performance.
  • Fusion-Welded Corners for a more air tight sill, strength, and beauty.
  • Low-E Argon-gas filled window panes for super energy efficiency.

Put the brick back in your wall, and get your home ready for the cold weather ahead.  Quality replacement windows from Durante Home Exteriors will allow you to be able to enjoy even the most extreme seasons in comfort!

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